What happened in 2022?

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This year flew by! We cannot believe we are leaving 2022 and heading into 2023. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on this year – what happened and what we wrote!

In 2022, we both changed jobs in our roles outside of Workr Beeing. Katina even moved to Arizona so now we are only an hour flight away! We’ve had a lot of ups and downs personally but are starting to feel a bit more settled. Even with all of the change and challenges, we’ve made real progress in our research projects, shared a lot of written and podcast content, relaunched our podcast brand, and spoken to a variety of interesting companies. We also launched our community early in the year!

On that note, let’s recap our 2022 content!

Our podcast re-launch brought us back to our initial launch!

Podcast Re-Launch!

In April, we did a relaunch of our podcast. We now host the “Thriving at Work” podcast with an updated and streamlined format.

We dug in to find out what our most popular episodes were this year. Here’s our top 5 of 2022! Check them out if you missed them!

  1. How to Be More Hopeful at Work: We shared research-based tips to help you become more hopeful at work, and actually achieve your goals.
  2. How to Disconnect from Work: We discussed recent research that highlights the interventions companies can provide to help teams disconnect.
  3. Three Types of Resilience: Which Are You?: There are multiple types of resilience and in this episode we discussed them all!
  4. Wake Up! Circadian Rhythms Affect Your Leadership: We talked about how your chronotype affects your leadership and your team members.
  5. How Will You Feel When You Change Jobs?: We talked about research that felt very relevant to us – new research confirmed that job changes are actually really hard!
Katina and I planning 2023!

Most Popular Articles

As in previous years, we dedicated time this year to write about recent research for you all! We love translating research into smaller takeaway articles.

We also dug in to see what our top articles of 2022 were! Here’s the top 5, in case you missed them.

  1. How Social Class Matters For Wellness At Work: We discussed how social class can impact perceptions of your colleagues at work.
  2. Timing Physical Activity Around Work: We shared research on how to optimize the timing of your physical activity for your workplace wellness.
  3. Leaders Can Grow A Psychosocial Safety Climate: We talked about research that highlights leaders importance in growing a psychosocial safety climate within teams and organizations.
  4. Three Types Of Resilience: Which One Characterizes You?: Resilience was a popular topic and we wrote about how you know what type you display!
  5. Why Social Class Matters In Finding A Job: We discussed how social class matters for whether or not you find a job.

2023, Here We Come!

And that’s it for 2022! We have a lot of big plans for 2023 and we will keep you updated.

Wishing you happy holidays and a great start to 2023!

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