Workr Beeing applies science to help you build a happy, healthy work life for yourself, your teams, and your organizations. Join our hive, see what everyone’s buzzing about, and make your work life sweeter, one post at at time!

Passionate about making employees and workplaces happier and healthier, we began graduate school excited to learn the science of organizational psychology. Studying the impact of leadership, emotions, diversity, and stress at work, we got a good handle on what it takes to improve workplaces. It was a long, rewarding journey and, in the process, we grew to be great friends. After graduate school, we went off in separate directions to use what we had learned; Patricia diving into consulting and Katina into academe.


However, after several years in both industries, we both felt that something was missing. Workers were still stressed, unhealthy, and unhappy. Employers remained unsure of how to support a healthy work environment while still turning a profit. We believed that part of the issue was that research and consulting weren’t being brought together in a way that was easy to digest. We both experimented in ways to combine research and its application. Patricia started teaching a class and Katina built a consulting practice.

It wasn’t enough. We realized we could create a resource that empowered employees, managers, and top level leaders to take control of their own and others’ well-being at work, using cutting-edge scientific research.

While most of us are workers in some capacity, we are also human beings. It’s not until we pay equal attention to both of these aspects of ourselves that we can be truly happy and fulfilled. Workr Beeing strives to help you create this balance. Our hive is for everyone who wants to decrease stress, increase wellness, feel more whole, and be a great employee.

We hope you’ll join us in taking the “sting” out of work.

Now, let’s get buzzing!