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Workplace Wellness Experts providing bespoke services

Workr Beeing applies science to help you build a happy, healthy work life for yourself, your teams, and your organizations. Dr. Patricia Grabarek and Dr. Katina Sawyer are workplace wellness experts providing bespoke services and accessible content to create positive work environments.

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We develop strategic plans, uncover employee insights, implement wellness initiatives, or create bespoke projects to meet your needs.


We specialize in interactive workshops and training to help various audiences understand workplace wellness and apply their learnings.


We coach all levels of leaders in how to promote wellness and build a thriving work environment through individualized coaching plans.


We offer virtual and in-person retreats to help you and your teams achieve goals in healthy, sustainable ways.


We deliver cutting-edge, interactive content tailored to a variety of audiences that provides clear takeaways for improving workplace wellness.

Improvements In Workplace Wellness Lead To:

1 %
Increased Productivity
1 %
Lower Turnover
1 %
Reduction In Absenteeism

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