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Workr Beeing offers a range of services to help organizations build work environments where employees can thrive. Dr. Patricia Grabarek and Dr. Katina Sawyer leverage scientific research and best practices in creating bespoke offerings to meet your specific needs.


We are seasoned and talented speakers, who have presented in front of large audiences, nationally and internationally. We deliver cutting-edge, interactive content that provides clear takeaways for improving wellbeing for themselves and in their organizations. We will work with you to understand your audience, large or small, and ensure the content is tailored to their specific needs.


We can work with your executive team to uncover wellness challenges and gaps, build holistic strategic plans, and design wellness initiatives. We can help executives define the company culture and guide them to drive the needed changes. Whether your organization is large or small, we will work to craft unique solutions that are tailored to your company’s wellness goals.


We can help your leaders, managers, and employees understand workplace wellness and how to implement research-based tools. We specialize in providing interactive workshops and training to ensure all questions are answered and attendees are fully equipped to apply their learnings. As with all we do, we create content specific to you and your needs based on best practice and scientific research.


It takes strong leadership to achieve wellness from the top down. We coach supervisors, mid-level managers, senior-level managers, and C-suite leaders in how to promote their own wellness, and the wellness of others. We can also gather feedback from employees about leader behaviors and craft a coaching plan that will address wellness needs, while capitalizing on existing strengths.


We offer virtual and in-person retreats that can help you and your team to refresh and reset. Our retreats are science-based, engaging, and include tailored content to help you achieve your specific goals. These sessions are for any individual or group who wants to hit difficult-to-reach targets in a healthy, sustainable way.

Research-Based Solutions

Areas of Expertise

Managing Stress

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Work-Life Balance

Healthy Remote Work Habits

Promoting a Culture of Wellbeing

Positive Psychology at Work

Creating Psychologically Safe Work Environments

Improving Work Attitudes and Engagement

Leading for Wellness

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