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We are finally together after not seeing each other since before the pandemic!

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Katina and I are finally reunited! It’s been 18 months since we saw each other last. I’m sitting on the couch in my good friends’ Airbnb house in Palm Springs writing this article. We have had a lot of fun – how can you lose in a house with a pool and all the fun Palm Springs has to offer? But, we’ve also been very productive! Today, we want to tell you about a few things we’ve been up to!

Reunited with Food and Relaxing

Whenever Katina and I travel together, we make a point of finding the best restaurants in the area. In Palm Springs, good food is always coupled with great vibes. The city has it’s own style and I’ve always loved spending time here. It has been so much fun showing Katina around this time. She’s never been here before! It’s also been so nice because people are pretty careful about COVID with vaccine verification required to sit indoors in a restaurant.

I wanted to highlight some of the best spots we’ve enjoyed on this trip. Last night, we had an amazing unique omakase at Sandfish. Sandfish is one of my all-time favorite sushi spots. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves sushi. Our first night, we went to my favorite tiki spot called Bootlegger Tiki. Great drinks and even better vibe. If you aren’t familiar with Palm Springs, tiki bars are definitely a big attraction here. We also recommend Del Rey, El Jefe, and Pink Cabana for awesome decor, great vibes, and delicious food.

Fresh strawberry margaritas at El Jefe’s!

In addition to eating a ton of food and drinking fancy cocktails, we got to spend some time outside and in the gorgeous pool. The desert heat is always manageable with a dip in the pool! We really try to balance recovery and relaxing with work whenever we meet up! You know how much we love work-life balance.

Plans for the Future!

In addition to all of the fun, Katina and I spent some time creating a strategic plan for us and the company for the next 5 years. It was a great exercise that was long overdue. We did some individual work, then came back together to share and align our ideas. The alignment process was super easy! You would all be amazed at how similar and aligned our ideas were already. This allowed us to quickly create a plan to get us to that 5 year vision. We cannot wait to execute on it!

So excited to be together!

On that note, we would love to hear your feedback. We are working on a YouTube channel to launch very soon. Do you have ideas or thoughts on what you’d like to see? We are also brainstorming some ways to provide exclusive content for our most loyal hive followers. Do you have any ideas? What would you like to receive? Please let us know!

We cannot wait for you to see all the things we are working on and for our 5 year journey. Together, we are working diligently to make people’s work lives better. This reunion was just our first step on the 5 year journey. We are planning so many important steps in the next few months. And, hopefully, we are reunited again in person soon!

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