The Power of Connections

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We just got done hosting our very first Workr Beeing meet-up in Los Angeles, CA. It was so exciting to connect with our hive members in this new, more personal way. But, the best part of being able to meet up with everyone was the new connections that were forged in the group. We have always been big proponents of driving meaningful relationships at work and in life. Spending time with our workplace wellness community makes us even more grateful for these connections. But, how do you ensure that you’re able to grow meaningful connections at work? Read our tips below.

Connections are Necessary for a Meaningful Life

Relationships are central to our lives, both in and out of work. We are social creatures who need to interact with others. This is the same at work as well! While it’s good to take time to decompress or be alone sometimes, we need to build solid connections with others to make our lives hold meaning.

While relationships might initially start off being important for instrumental reasons, that doesn’t sustain a connection over time. Also, if you are only connecting because someone serves a purpose for you, that isn’t enough to spark a true connection. You also need to show respect and display a positive attitude toward them. If you are going to connect with others, it needs to be less about “what can you do for me?” and more about being excited to make their acquaintance.

You can’t be a light in the dark! You need connections with others to have a meaningful life!

Trust and Support are Foundational

Once you move past the first few meetings, and decide to move forward with a relationship, trust and support become key. Trust is generally important for creating positive emotional commitment at work. Similarly, support from others can also drive wellbeing at work overall. But, when building connections, these characteristics are important to ensure you display to others as well.

Ask yourself the following questions: Can people depend on you to answer their call when they need you most? Do you follow through on what you say you’ll do? Are you willing to help others, even when you don’t get anything in return? If the answer to these questions is no, it’s likely that others might have trouble trusting you. They might not view you as supportive either. Focusing on increasing perceptions of trust and support, and finding these qualities in others, will help cement connections!

Are you showing others that you can be trustworthy and counted on when it matters?

Long-Lasting Connections Require Dedication

Over time, connections become a lot less about exchanging resources and a lot more about being “in it together”. This means that being flexible and forgiving, holding yourself accountable, and being loyal are key. A relationship can’t survive if you are unwilling to make compromises. Also, if you aren’t willing to be committed to growing the relationship or to stand up for another person (even when it’s tough), the connection can’t deepen.

Ask yourself the following questions: Is it always “your way or the highway”? Are you willing to see your flaws and recognize that they are being forgiven by others? Are you willing to do the same with regard to others’ flaws? Do you keep your promises? If someone was talking poorly about someone you’re deeply connected with, would you defend them? Answering “yes” to these questions means you’re on your way to creating some great connections! If not, you might need to self-reflect before you can grow deeper connections in the future.

How have connections played a role in making your life happier and healthier? What relationship advice do you have for others looking to deepen their connections? Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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