2021 Goals: Making Time Count

Time to set your 2021 goals!
Learn more about Katina's 2021 goals! What do you want to achieve this new year?

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Last week, Patricia shared her goals for the new year. This week, it’s my turn to let you know what I have in store for 2021. It is usually hard for me to stick to my goals. I struggle with making them very specific and not too overwhelming. In past years, I have set huge goals for myself, but didn’t break them down into smaller pieces. This meant that I was motivated to start. But, since the goal was really big, I was dissatisfied with my overall progress in the short-term.

So, my goals might seem very incremental. But, I’m taking the approach that a lot of small changes can add up to something big. For example, my goal last year was to become more environmentally sustainable. I wanted to become more clean in the foods that I eat and products I use. But, instead of trying to make everything I ate or used environmentally sustainable right away, I simply promised to replace things that I ran out of with a more environmentally sustainable option. For example, when I ran out of shampoo, I replaced it with a shampoo that is good for the environment and for me! I’m happy to say that I am now using many more environmentally-friendly body and household products. Plus, I’m eating cleaner. I’m planning to use this same incremental approach in 2021!

Connections are Key in 2021

Anyone else feeling like this year taught them the power of connection with others? We have all been so isolated. It became easier as quarantine went on to become more alone. As I got used to the idea of being inside, I also got more acclimated to keeping to myself. But, that’s not sustainable in the long-term. Social connections are really important. So, I have decided to deepen my social connections with others this year.

In order to achieve this goal, we are going to host more virtual social events for our hive this year. We are also going to go “live” on Instagram each month. We want to connect with and learn more from all of you, even though we may still be apart for a while. It’s one thing to see your posts on social media. But, it’s another story to sit down and actually interact with each other. I’m really looking forward to spending more quality time with all of you! In my personal life, I am promising one full day away from the computer per week (either Saturday or Sunday). I will spend that time with my husband, and talking with family and friends.

2021 is all about connections!
2020 was an isolating year. In 2021, I’m focusing on building meaningful connections again!

Healthy Eating is On the Schedule This Year

Second, I want to make sure that I’m eating more nutritiously. I thought that my decreased travel schedule would make me eat better this year than ever. But, as it turns out, I was still strapped for time to think about meals during the work day, even though I was working from home. While I did add a lot of exercise to my schedule this year, I need to start planning my meals better.

I eat the same healthy breakfast every day and that really works for me. So, I decided to go the same route for lunch. I know it’s a winning strategy, so it makes sense to apply it again! I want my lunches to be full of fresh vegetables. So, I’m going to make sure that I have lots of veggies in stock each Sunday. That way, I’m always prepped for quick, but healthy, between-meeting lunches this upcoming year. If my breakfast and lunch are on point, that leaves dinner. Luckily, my husband’s resolution is to cook even healthier dinners for us, so we should be all set!

2021 is for eating healthy, nourishing meals.
I actually really love vegetables, but they often lose out for something more convenient. This year, I’m making sure veggies are always on hand for lunch!

Professional Goals for 2021

This past year was a little chaotic, but really productive in many ways. Unfortunately, the productivity was achieved because I was working really long hours, while trying to cope with all of the changes happening around me. This year, I’m trying to make a more concerted effort to set aside some “break time” completely away from work each day. Last year, when I wasn’t taking conscious breaks, I noticed that I was so tired by the end of the night. My brain was cloudy and I wasn’t doing my best thinking.

When I take a true break during the early evening to relax for a bit, I can think a lot more clearly afterward. So, in 2021, I’m going set an alarm to stop my work by 5:30pm at the latest each day. Then, I’ll take at least 2 hours to work out, shower, eat, and relax. After that, even if I have to do a few more hours of work in the later evening, I will be able to approach my tasks much more clearly. This means that I will be saying “no” to calendar invites that come in during that time period. I’ll also be scheduling that time on my calendar, like a date with myself. I need to recharge and I’m going to take that seriously!

Hopefully this helps some of you to come up with some specific and challenging 2021 goals for yourselves! This year, I’m making time count. I’m deepening my social connections, nourishing myself appropriately, and taking time to unwind. We are here to cheer you on and we hope you’re cheering us on as well.

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