Today, Patricia publicly lays out some of new goals to help hold herself accountable!

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Every new year, people set New Year’s Resolutions to start the year fresh and with a purpose. However, many of us lose steam towards our goals and fall into a cycle of guilt and trying again the next new year. Luckily, there’s a lot of research to help you set and achieve your goals. We recommend reviewing some of our goal-related content here, here, and here as you look to set your next New Year’s Resolutions! Today, I will publicly lay out some of my goals to help hold myself accountable! Next week, Katina will share hers. And, please note, we will be creating some specific sub-goals and action plans, following the research as always.

Focus on Wellness

Clearly, we are all about wellness. And while we talk about workplace wellness a lot, we are not always perfect embodiments of what we know in the research. Thus, I always have some wellness-related goals as a reset and refresh for a new year!

My first goal is to increase my activity!

First, I want to focus on movement. Goal 1 – increase my activity. Being at home during this pandemic, I have not moved as much as I would like. So, I am privileged enough to have come up with a fancy solution to my problem – the Peloton bike. I put off spending that kind of money for a while but I knew I needed something to push me in the right direction. Thus, my first sub-goal is to ride my brand new bike 3-5 times a week. Once I have that habit built, I want to add in other types of classes consistently (yoga, pilates, etc.). I am still building out my sub-goals and can’t wait to get to those!

Second, I want to create a better work-life balance. I love to work. I love what I do. But I do know that, sometimes, I work too much. Thus, my second goal is to find my right version of balance. I don’t know what that is yet but I am going to set sub-goals to test different ways to disconnect and different types of balance. Will setting a work-end time work for me? What about blocking my calendar for breaks? I’ve not found the right approach for me but hope to do that this year!

Business Goals

In addition to my personal wellness-related goals, I have some work-related goals! As I already mentioned, work is important to me so I like to take the new year to re-focus my energy towards some meaningful work goals.

Taking some time to reflect and brainstorm can help you find the right goals for your New Year!

First, Katina and I met to create company goals. We can’t share everything here but we are so excited for all the things we are planning – including lots of sub-goals and lots of different ways to achieve those goals. One big picture goal I can mention is a focus on connection. We had to cancel our retreat this year. We’ve all been quarantining in our own spaces all year. In 2021, no matter what is thrown our way, we want to focus on connecting with our followers more and bring in more people in the mix. Let’s spread the workplace wellness love as far as we can!

Second, I want to grow my personal skillset too. I want to continue learning about different sides of businesses. I know the people-side of things – how to build a good team and culture, what makes a strong leader, how to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, I’m still learning a lot about marketing, finances, and legal business structure. This year, I want to seriously focus on learning about sales and business growth. I know the bare minimum so I am setting a lot of sub-goals to help me figure out what I don’t know and what I need to know!

What about you? Now that you know my high-level goals, what are you planning for the New Year? If you need any help in setting your goals for next year, we recommend you take our new course at a holiday price for a limited time!

Good luck! And make sure you set SMART goals to help you follow-through!

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