Coronavirus Got You Down?

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We know many of you are feeling overwhelmed with everything going on with the Coronavirus. There’s a lot changing quickly and your work probably looks pretty different today than it did a week ago. Today, we want to share our tips and tricks to help you cope.

Topic 1: Follow Health Professional Guidance

This tip is pretty obvious yet we probably all know someone who is a bit lax on following guidance from our healthcare leaders. Make sure you are washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, and practicing social distancing. Self-quarantine if you feeling under the weather. And call your doctor if your symptoms get serious! Make sure you are keeping up to date with new guidance on WHO’s website and the CDC for those in the U.S.

Topic 2: Managing Remote Work

Many organizations are going remote for the first time during this Coronavirus pandemic. As a permanent remote employee, this is not a scary transition for me. However, I recognize that many people do not have the extensive experience with remote work or do not enjoy it. One important thing to remember is that being physically apart does not mean you have to have less interaction with people. Technology makes our lives a lot more connected.

Working from home sounds fun but has it’s own set of challenges!

Here’s a round-up of all the content we’ve shared on remote work that can help you today:

It’s important to remember that work-life balance is still important when you are working from home. Make sure you continue to set boundaries between work and your personal/family life. Don’t forget to disconnect at the end of the day. Take breaks! Not only does this remain important when you are working at home, but it can often be more challenging. Make sure you are very mindful of your time. And here’s a round-up of relevant content to keep you staying balanced:

Topic 3: Take Care Of Yourself

During a stressful time where the world feels like an overwhelming place, it’s incredibly important to care for yourself. First, allow yourself to have the reactions you are having to the Coronavirus. But try to be mindful about your feelings. Recognize how you are feeling and let those feelings pass. Try to take your energy and put it towards managing your stress effectively. Here are some tips that may help:

See your friends even with social distancing!
  • Stay connected! Even if you are stuck at home, we are lucky to be able to video chat, call, and text our loved ones. Have to cancel dinner plans? Why not FaceTime and share a meal that way? Be creative and don’t forget to stay connected. This counts for coworkers too! We know having strong friendships at work is important. So check in with your friends at work too!
  • Don’t stop exercising or eating well! We know that both of these things are important for overall wellness and can often help reduce stress. It might seem hard when you are stuck at home. Do your workout outside! Gyms may be closed or seem too germ-infested right now. But you can go for a walk or a run! Maybe do some yoga in your backyard or a quiet park? Keep your distance from others but get moving to keep your spirits and health up! Also, did you know a lot of workout apps are giving away discount codes or free memberships during this time? Keep your eye out and maybe you can snag some good deals for at-home workouts.
  • Find a good way for you to recover from all the stress. The way you recover may have to change a bit but this could be a fun discovery period! Instead of going to get a massage to relax, maybe try a bath with a good book. Maybe there are some diy projects you’ve been meaning to try. Now you might have the time! Think about creative ways to do something outside of work that can help you relax and feel good – even though you are ‘stuck’ at home.
  • Finally, disconnect from all the noise. Sometimes, too much news, too much social media, and too much drama is simply too much! While this ties into recovery, it’s another thing to consider. In addition to actively finding ways to relax, set boundaries to let your mind rest from all the news. Check in with yourself and know when you need to back away from all the Coronavirus talk. We aren’t saying ignore the problem. We are just saying know when your mental health needs a break from it all.

In sum, we hope you can stay sane, healthy, and happy. Hopefully, these tips can help you as you adjust to the next several weeks to months. We’d love to hear what other types of tips would be helpful fo you. Or what you’ve done during this crisis that others might benefit from. Reach out and let us know!! Good luck out there!

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