Gossip is usually thought of as a negative thing, but not all forms of gossip are bad. Learn how to define gossip and whether or not it’s helping or hurting your team! (Brady, Brown, & Liang, 2017)

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  1. Hi there – great episode. In a previous job, our leaders would yell often. Therefore, I noticed that team members would gossip about the yelling and never hear a message. I decided I could not change the behavior of the leaders but I could help with the message. When someone complained to me, I would say…let’s take the way it was presented away and look at the actual question asked. Is it an important question for us to evaluate? If so, let’s do it in a calm manner. I believe the information is valid, I don’t agree with the way it is being delivered, and I would hate for us to miss an opportunity for change/improvement because of the loud voice vs. the content. We would work together to solve the problem. Unfortunate, sure…but in the end I was able to focus on the customer and make decisions based on their needs, not our need to be treated with respect. I also learned what not to do as a leader, which can be very valuable!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I think that this is a great tip. Sometimes we can become focused on emotions instead of making rational decisions about what is best for the business. It’s great that you were able to refocus your team on a common goal and promote proper emotion management. Mindfulness can help with this too, since it allows you to process information without judgment! Thanks again for sharing – we know our followers will love this tip!!

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