Is Your Helping Hurting Pregnant Coworkers?

It might seem nice to help your coworkers when they are pregnant – and it can be! But, some help may be more harmful than you think. Learn how to tell if your help is what your pregnant coworkers really need! Links:  Jones, Clair, King, Humberd, & Arena (2020) Article Workr Beeing Pregnancy and Help […]

Do You See Support?

We know that Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors are important for employees’ well-being and work-life balance. But do employees and supervisors agree about how supportive the supervisor is? And does it matter? Listen in to this episode to find out! Links: Marescaux, Rofcanin, Las Heras, Ilies, & Bosch (2020) Article Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors Workr Beeing […]

Working Remotely Wreaking Havoc on Your Work-Life?

Many workers are now remote for the indefinite future. But, working from home can create some unique challenges for work and life. How do you create balance when your home is your office? Learn some tips from brand new research in this episode! Links:  Vaziri, Casper, Wayne, & Matthews (2020) Article Work-Life Balance and Remote […]

Executive Order of Division

A recent executive order was released that denounces the divisiveness of diversity and inclusion training. However, there’s a lot of misleading information within the order that we break down in this episode of the podcast. It’s a different format than most of our episodes but we thought this issue was too important to not address! […]

Left Out and Wanting Back In

Unfortunately, many of us will experience being left out at work at some point in our careers. But, when you’re left out, sometimes it can motivate you to try to get back into the crowd. This can take a lot of effort. How can you avoid getting burnt out trying to win people back over? […]

Who is Leading Through COVID-19 Successfully?

What types of leaders are handling the COVID-19 crisis better? Some recent research suggests that women leaders are more effective in leading governments through the current situation. Want to learn more? Listen in as we break down this preliminary study on women leaders and COVID-19. Links: Sergent & Stajkovic (2020) Workr Beeing Women Leaders and […]

Do You Have the Courage to Combat Bias at Work?

When you see injustice at work, what do you do? Standing up for others can be harder than it sounds. But, when done well, courageous acts that oppose injustice at work can make a positive impact for minority groups. Learn how you can up your courage quotient in our new episode! Links: Thoroughgood, Sawyer, & […]

Let Your People Sleep!

Have you heard of sleep leadership? Did you know a leader can impact the quality of their employees’ sleep? Listen in as we dive into a new study on sleep leadership and the behaviors that lead to better sleep! Links: Sianoja, Crain, Hammer, Bodner, Brockwood, LoPresti, & Shea (2020) Workr Beeing Leaders and Sleep Article […]

When Being Mad Does Good

It seems like common sense that leaders should generally try to be pleasant toward their followers. However, a certain amount of negative emotions in trying times might be motivating. When is it ok to be mad? Listen to this episode to learn! Links:  Staw, DeCelles, & de Goey (2019) Article Workr Beeing Anger at Work […]

Don’t Let Your Work Kill You!

Did you know your work can be killing you? You spend so much time at work so, of course, it has a large impact on your health and happiness. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to try and make your life longer and happier. Listen in to hear more about how to […]