Patricia’s Experience with the 5-Day Reset!

Today, I share my experience and learnings from the Workr Beeing 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset. 

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I can’t believe our first round of the Workr Beeing 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset is over! It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again in the future. While we know the research, we still have our struggles with implementing it in our own lives too! Today, I share my experience and learnings from the week.

Mindful Monday

I wasn’t surprised to learn that Mindful Monday was a hard one for me. I know all of the strong research supporting the importance of mindfulness but always seem to personally have a hard time making it a priority. When I get wrapped up in a to-do list crushing mindset, I have a hard time slowing down enough to meditate.

Last week, I completed the “New Bee” activity since this is a weak spot for me. I also leveraged the guidance of the Headspace app to help me stay focused on my breathing. Personally, I love using an app, not only for the guidance, but for the ability to track how often and how long I meditate. It’s kind of like using a fitness tracker where you can see how you are doing. I like seeing progress towards my goals so using the app can be motivating. I’m very proud because I’ve continued my mindfulness journey since Mindful Monday. The Reset served as a good reminder of how awesome meditation can be!

After completing Mindful Monday, I felt awesome! It was a good reminder to practice mindfulness more frequently.

Take a Break Tuesday

Surprisingly, Take a Break Tuesday was my second hardest day. I do sometimes struggle with taking breaks on busy days but I thought it was going to be easier than it was. I decided to do the “Boss Bee” activity and take two intentional breaks.

My Tuesday got super busy and I have a hard time remembering to pause when I’m in a groove. Honestly, Instagram and others doing the Reset helped remind me to take my breaks. Community support is huge! My experience reinforced how important it is to have coworkers and supervisors that practice healthy workplace habits surrounding you to keep you on track. Seeing Katina’s Instagram stories, for example, pushed me to stop and take my breaks.

I am so glad I did take my breaks. Again, the Reset felt like a strong reminder of how important these little habits can be. I felt refreshed after each break and I believe it helped me be less exhausted at the end of the day. This is definitely a habit I need to continue!

Matcha time is always a great break option!

Tragedy and The Reset

Wednesday through Friday were easier activities for me for the Reset. I always try to squeeze in some activity and workout, I enjoy thinking about what I’m grateful for, and I love telling my friends and coworkers how grateful I am for them. Unfortunately, the struggle during the last couple of days surrounded everything else going on around me. I grew up in the Thousand Oaks area. Following the shooting and now the wildfires has been particularly stressful for me. My parents still live in the area and my childhood home is near the fire perimeter.

I had fully committed to the challenge so decided I needed to see it through to the end. Going through the Reset during this time has been surprisingly helpful. I learned that taking the time to do things that are good for my well-being during a stressful time helped keep me grounded. If I didn’t have the Reset, I probably wouldn’t have focused on myself and these little practices at all.

This week was a good reminder of how beneficial these little habits can be day to day. I don’t always practice what I preach and this Reset helped me refocus on what I know to be true – self care is so important! I am going to use this week-long reminder to adjust my habits and focus on my well-being more often.

If you haven’t check out the Workr Beeing 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset yet, find it here! We will be doing it again as a community in January. If you did participate, we’d love to hear about your experience. Comment below to let us know what you thought!

If you’d like to help with everything going on in my hometown, here are a few organizations to support:

Ventura County Community Foundation

Humane Society of Ventura County

American Red Cross

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