Supporting Families: The Importance of Supervisors

Right now, employees are dealing with lots of challenges related to the pandemic. Many of us are working remotely, often with our family members staying at home too. Having leaders that are supportive of personal and family life is more important than ever. Today, we explore the concept of Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB) – […]

Women Leaders and COVID-19

This pandemic has created an interesting research period. We can ask very unique questions about workplaces coping with a large, global crisis. We can also study leadership and try to understand what crisis leadership looks like. In addition, we are in a unique situation where relevant research is being fast tracked to get into the […]

Can Your Leader Help You Sleep?

We love the topic of sleep. We’ve talked about it before here, here, and here. But, today, we are going to talk about how leaders can actually influence the sleep of their team members. A new study shows that supportive leaders can help improve employees’ sleep quality. So, how does that work? Today, we talk […]

Death from Overwork: Is Your Job Killing You?

Death can be caused by stress

It might sound dramatic, but your work is very tied to your health. Jobs that are well-designed and allow for greater fulfillment make us happier and healthier. While we have talked before about the health effects of jobs, there is an ultimate outcome we haven’t discussed as much. Death is not a happy topic. But, […]

Is a Coach the Answer to Your Wellness Woes?

coaching is all about setting goals

It’s hard to manage your wellness alone. A coach can help! But, what does a coach do and is getting a coach right for you? If you fit certain criteria, a coach may help you to improve your health over time. Want to learn more? Read below to find out what coaching is and why […]

Nature Connection and Stress: Activate Your Superpowers!

Guest Post by Sharon Unis, Founder and CEO of Waterbear Planet In recent months, world events have heightened and exacerbated underlying personal and societal stresses, presenting unforeseen, shocking experiences within our broader communities. It’s important — now, just as ever — to take exceptional care of ourselves, while showing up for our loved ones and […]

Feeling in Control and Wellness: Perception Matters!

If you are experiencing the world like I am right now, you probably feel out of control. There’s so much going on and we can’t control anything except our own decisions and actions. Feeling out of control isn’t a good feeling. This applies to our work lives as well. Perceived control and wellness are highly […]

Are Activity Trackers the Answer for Workplace Wellness?

activity tracker shown

We often write about research-based tips and trick that work to help improve your wellness. However, it’s also important to highlight the things that don’t work quite as well. Activity trackers are one of those things that don’t work as well. But why? Read on to learn more about why activity trackers may not be […]