How Finding Community Helps Wellness

community is key to achieving goals
It can be tough to achieve wellness alone. Learn how being part of a community can support you in attaining your wellness goals!

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It’s been about two months since we launched the Workr Beeing community It’s been a blast getting to know our hive members better! We have already learned so much from our community members. And we hope they are learning a lot from us too! Mostly, we are learning how important community is for supporting our wellness. What are some of the top lessons we’ve learned so far? Read below to find out!

Community Keeps You Accountable

First, it has been amazing to feel accountable for wellness in a supportive community that cares! Accountability buddies can be really powerful for making sure you take time for yourself. We often feel guilty when we take time out to care for ourselves. But, with a wellness accountability buddy, it’s just the opposite. You actually feel more disappointed when you’re not giving yourself what you need to be well.

For example, in the community, we were all lamenting about how hard it can be to break away from technology. We each decided that we were going to do something differently, so that we weren’t constantly on our phones or laptops. I decided that I was going to try charging my phone in a spot that I can’t get to from bed. I was often checking my phone in the middle of the night if I woke up, and it was always the first thing I saw in the morning. The first week, I didn’t do a great job of reaching my goal. I had some deadlines looming, that were making me anxious about being too far from my email. But, the group held me accountable and encouraged me to keep trying. Now, I’ve been charging my phone on the other side of the room for about a month! It has made a positive difference in my ability to sleep and start my day off on a better foot!

Community is key because we are stronger together.
Community is key because we are stronger together.

Community Lets You Toot Your Own Horn

It can be really challenging to find ways to celebrate small wellness wins. You might feel worried that your friends or family aren’t supportive of your goals. Or you might feel like you’re bothering people if you frequently tell them about your wins. It’s true that people generally respond poorly to hearing about others’ accomplishments. Finding a community that supports your wellness habits gives you permission to share your good news without fear of judgment.

Everyone is in our group because they want to cheer each other on, and to be cheered on when they need it. We added a section in our community to let people share good news, or accomplishments that they have achieved. We also encourage people to share more about their work and life, so that we can support one another’s businesses or personal projects. Members have given us support for completing our research, and their enthusiasm has been so motivating for us! We have also been trying to create connections between members who have complementary skill sets or businesses.

You don't have to travel down new paths alone! Find a community who will support your goals!
You don’t have to travel down new paths alone! Find a community who will support your goals!

You’re Not Alone!

Over the past couple of years, people are feeling more isolated than before. 36% of people say that they are frequently lonely or lonely all the time. It can be challenging to get back out into the world and make connections. This is especially true because it’s hard to make new friends as an adult. A virtual community can be a good way to ease back in! Just knowing that we have a group of people who are there for us has been so helpful.

If you’ve been feeling a little more isolated or lonely in the past couple of years, we are here for you! Finding a community is energizing, and can make all the difference in determining if you stay on the path toward wellness. Importantly, we know that wellness isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are so many different ways that people strive to create more wellness in their lives. Having others to help you bounce back when you face challenges, and to cheer you on when you succeed, can help make your dreams into reality. It already has for us!

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