The Importance of Person-Job Fit

Person-job fit is like fitting puzzle pieces together.
Person-job fit is really important for your well-being. Find out how and what you can do to find a job that fits well for you!

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Last week, we talked about the problems in the documentary Persona. It’s important to find the right person for the job. Assessments can help with that. The documentary got that wrong. Person-job fit is key to ensuring that you actually have the qualifications you need for the role. It also makes it more likely that you’ll like the job you’re in. Research on person-job fit has been around for decades. Here, we provide an overview of person-job fit and its benefits for well-being.

What is Person-Job Fit?

Person-job fit is a part of person-environment fit. Person-environment fit also includes person-supervisor fit, person-group fit, and person-organization fit. Person-environment fit is basically the idea that people interact with their environments, with impacts on their well-being. When a person meshes well with their environment, well-being is better than when they don’t. When employees mesh specifically with their job, that means that their knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, and interests align with it.

Person-job fit is really important. Other forms of fit are also important, but person-job fit is particularly crucial. For example, you might not like the organization you work for, but if you love your job, your day-to-day struggles will be less difficult to face. If you hate your job, but love your organization, you might be able to find greater purpose in the work you dislike. But, your day-to-day activities will still be a strain. Overall, person-job fit is very important for well-being.

There are a lot of jobs and a lot of people in the world. Finding a good fit is very important!

Why Does Person-Job Fit Matter?

Person-job fit is important for your work because it has strong implications for your well-being. It impacts job satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with your coworkers and supervisor. You can also expect increases in your organizational commitment and identification when you fit well with your job. Finally, your strain decreases when you fit better with your job. So, overall, you’ll be happier, more dedicated to your organization, and less stressed when you fit better with your job.

In addition to increasing well-being, person-job fit has other positive implications for organizations. Because person-job fit increases your attitudes, it can also enhance your performance. It makes sense that your performance might increase when you are better suited toward your job. But, it’s good to know that the data actually back that up! Also, fitting better to your job can also decrease the likelihood that you want to leave. So, you’re less likely to turn over in the long run when you feel you fit well with your job.

Being a good fit to your job makes you happier and healthier.

How Do You Enhance Fit at Work?

First, if you’re a manager, selecting employees based on the objective criteria associated with the job is the best way to enhance person-job fit. This means that, instead of going with your “gut”, you should be measuring the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics that predict performance on the job. While it is also legally important to select people based on job requirements, it also helps employees in the long-term. If you want your team to perform better and stick around for longer, this helps you to achieve that goal. But, it also helps your employees to be happier and healthier.

Looking at your own career, you can enhance your own person-job fit by applying for jobs for which you are a great fit. Unfortunately, employees usually don’t have endless job options, or many at all. But, if given the chance to approach your job search with some flexibility, understanding your own knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality is important. You can look for roles that fit better with your preferences. Also, try not to follow career paths that other people want you to take. Follow the path that is truly right for you! It will improve your well-being.

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