Let’s Move to Finland!

In today’s episode, we talk about recent news coming out of Finland and their new Working Hours Act. We often think about what we can do individually to improve our workplace wellness but what about taking a systems approach? How can our government support workers and their well-being? We talk about the uniqueness of Finland […]

Healthy Identity with Howard Jacobson, PhD

Physical health is obviously critical to overall well-being. Have you ever thought about the importance of aligning your life values with your health goals? Why does identity matter? Learn more about creating healthy lifestyle changes with the co-founder of WellStart Health and prolific author, Howard Jacobson, PhD. Links: WellStart Health Howard Jacobson’s Author Page Plant […]

Remote Teams with Dr. Jill Strange

Ever wonder what it’s like managing remote teams? We talk to the VP of Science at Infor (one of Patricia’s favorite leaders!) to learn her tips and tricks on being a remote employee and managing remote employees. Links: Dr. Jill Strange Infor Infor Talent Science Workr Beeing Remote Tips Workr Beeing Article on the Benefits […]