Take a Teeny, Tiny Break! The Impact of Micro-Breaks

Oh, we love talking about breaks and recovery! We’ve talked about breaks in our podcast and on the site, plus we always include a break day in our Resets. Today, we want to share some fun new research on teeny breaks! Micro-breaks can be very helpful in your work day. Keep reading to find out […]

How Can You Cope With Understaffing?

We are living in a very unique time. While many organizations are laying off or furloughing employees, others are understaffed with a surge of business (think healthcare, grocery, and delivery). Unfortunately, understaffing can lead to things like burnout and lower performance and productivity. Luckily, there’s some research into what can help! Today, we are talking […]

Stop Hiding! Share Your Knowledge Instead

hiding person

Are you expected to share information with your colleagues and team members? If someone asks you a question about a project or a task, are you expected to answer them with all that you know? While most organizations expect employees to share what they know, many actually do the opposite. Today, we are exploring the […]

Leading for Wellness

Recently, I was given the opportunity to manage an amazing team in my job at Infor. I really wanted a leadership opportunity but was also nervous! I want to do it right. Leading for wellness and creating a positive work environment is important to me. We talk about the research all the time. Now it […]

Left Out at Work? Your Well-Being May Suffer

left out at work

Have you ever felt left out at work? Maybe coworkers don’t invite you to lunch as frequently as they invite others. Perhaps colleagues shut you out of conversations or fail to ask for your opinion on important matters. If that rings a bell, you have been ostracized before. While being ostracized may seem like something […]

The Power of Connections

We just got done hosting our very first Workr Beeing meet-up in Los Angeles, CA. It was so exciting to connect with our hive members in this new, more personal way. But, the best part of being able to meet up with everyone was the new connections that were forged in the group. We have […]

How Does Work-Contingent Self-Esteem Impact Wellness?

Self-esteem is all about how highly you value your own importance. We’ve talked about it before in terms of boosting your and others’ self-esteem. Today, we want to talk about how your work can impact your self-esteem (work-contingent self-esteem) and how that relates to your overall well-being! Work-Contingent Self-Esteem Research shows that employees’ self-esteem can […]

Interpersonal Justice: Why Respect at Work Leads to a Relaxing Night

We all like to feel respected at work. We want to be treated with dignity by our leadership and our coworkers. Obviously, the way we are treated impacts how we feel about our work environment. However, it can also impact what happens when we get home at night. We’ve talked about how your work stress […]