Email Incivility: Don’t Be Rude!

How many of us consider answering and writing emails to be a large component of our jobs? Email is one of the top communication channels in the workforce today. Unfortunately, we also know that emails sometimes fail at properly relaying our messages. Today, we share some recent research on email incivility and how to avoid […]

Want an Energy Boost? Get Your Needs Met at Work!

You probably feel your energy throughout the work day fluctuating. And some days are more exhausting or more energizing than others. What if I told you that your energy is related to having your needs met at work? An interesting new study shows that need satisfaction can leave you feeling more energized at the end […]

Should You Take a Vacation in 2020?

We are taking a small summer ‘vacation’. Actually, Katina and I are taking a two-week break from podcast episodes. (It’s a great time to catch up if you are behind!) As we dive into our little summer break, we want to remind you to focus on reducing your stress and taking a vacation in 2020 […]