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Happy Thanksgiving! How can you be more grateful this week?

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In the U.S., we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. It’s a time that marks the beginning of the holiday season for many of us – I’m not counting the retail decor that starts in October! It can be a time full of chaos and unnecessary stress. We recommend, given the name of the holiday of Thanksgiving, taking some time before the holiday busyness ensues to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for. As inspiration, we round up all of our previous gratitude content for you! Time to practice some gratitude!

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude can come in different forms at work. Years ago, we broke down the different levels of gratitude, why the are so important, and how to foster them. Overall, we know that gratitude can increase positive emotions at work. Grateful employees are more likely to help each other, feel good at work, and be more well. Employees that experience gratitude are also better at making strong relationships with their coworkers – also tied to super positive outcomes! When companies drive a culture of gratitude, those positive emotions spread, employees all express their thanks for one another, and the company becomes a happier place.

Sharing your gratitude causes others to do the same!

Gratitude comes with so many benefits, so let’s revisit how to foster it.

How to Practice Gratitude

A few years ago, we highlighted 4 research-based steps to live more gratefully. In addition, recent research by our very own Dr. Katina Sawyer highlights the impact of mindfulness on gratitude. If you can increase your mindfulness, you can grow your gratitude too. We also shared a few different gratitude prompts here and here. Take a look at these and take some time to journal your gratitude. It’s a very easy way to boost it!

What matters most about practicing gratitude is actually making it a practice. However you choose to do it, make sure you are taking the time to practice! We can all find something in our lives and in our work to be grateful for.

Gratitude journals are a great way to boost your gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your grateful week!

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