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Katina and I have spent some time telling you about our work retreats in the past. We find it incredibly helpful to take some time away from everything else to focus on our goals and the future of Workr Beeing. Our retreats are a great time for us to refocus. Today, we want to spend a little bit of time sharing our perspective on retreats and announce some exciting things to come!

Taking Time Away

One major benefit of retreats is taking the time away. You are changing your normal setting and getting away from your day to day routine. Just the change in scenery, even if you are working, can make an impact on your wellness. Obviously, we care deeply about wellness and this is already enough reason to treat yourself to retreats when you are able. 

Removing yourself from your typical environment allows you to clear your mind. It can help you let go of the things that often hold you back. Are you worried about picking up your kids from school? Well, you don’t have to worry! Other arrangements have been made in advance because you are on a retreat. Hoping you’ll find time for lunch today? No problem! The retreat has provided time for you! When we go on our retreats, we love that we are away from all of our home distractions and don’t have anything else to worry about besides what’s in front of us.

Retreats are a great time to reflect on what you need and where you want to go.

It is so easy for all of us to get bogged down in the day to day aspects of our lives. We often lose track of bigger goals, aspirations, and personal growth. Retreats are the perfect way to let go and reflect on what you need. What is missing from your life? What has been holding you back? What goals have you lost track of? What do you need to be happy and healthy?

Focused and Dedicated Time

Being away from life and other distractions helps you refocus fully. Retreats are great because they are focused and dedicated time for a specified reason. We set goals for each of our retreats. We know exactly what we want to accomplish while we are there. This is critical otherwise we are just taking a vacation! While we love vacations and know they are important, a retreat is different. We are dedicating our time to walk away in a better place for our business than we entered. 

Generally, we find that being in a retreat environment can be beneficial for learning, brainstorming, goal setting, and action planning. It can refocus you on some goals that may have fallen off your radar as your busy life took over. Writing retreats are actually really popular among researchers. It’s been a proven way for people to learn better writing skills and also create a space conducive for writing. 

This can apply to any topic. What do you need in your career or life today? You can find a lot of retreats that exist for you already. Or, you can make your own like Katina and I have. Remove yourself from your typical environment and make space for reflection and focusing on what you need. Don’t try to tackle too many things at once. Set specific goals so you know where to focus and avoid distraction. 

Refocus on your goals and go on a retreat!

Need to Refocus? Introducing The Workr Beeing Retreat

Luckily, if you need some guidance, we have something exciting to share! We are working on hosting our very first retreat! We think that taking time away and having focused time are important but research-based practices are important too. Thus, we wanted to create a space where you can go on retreat with us and be part of all the growth and development from this type of experience. We want to help you build your research-based toolkit for wellness and success. 

There’s so much more to come on this. We are in the midst of finalizing all of the details but you can look for our first retreat this spring with, hopefully, many more to follow. Let us know if you have any specific requests as we go through all of the planning. The one hint I can give you today is that we will be leveraging some of the fabulous research linked here. We hope to create an amazing growth experience and a safe space for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait to share what we create with you soon!

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