One Year Anniversary Recap!

It's our 1-year anniversary and we review what has been accomplished so far!

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Happy Anniversary, Workr Bees! October is our anniversary month and we are excited to take some time to reflect on all that we accomplished this year!

We cannot believe it’s been a year since the Workr Beeing website went live! The day this post goes live is exactly one year since the wrap of the Workr Beeing Retreat and October 27th is the one year anniversary of the site going live! We’ve covered so many topics on the site, built up our social media presence, and launched a podcast! It’s been a very busy year. We wanted to celebrate with a quick recap of all that we’ve done! We know that a lot of you are working hard trying to achieve your own goals – and you are killing it! But, we know that everyone can use encouragement sometimes. We hope that our small wins can help inspire you to continue on your journey toward whatever makes you happy and healthy!


We launched with 6 initial articles and wrote one every week ever since.  This is our 56th article! That is quite a lot of writing. We’ve covered everything from mindfulness to healthy snacking at work to the importance of sleep.

One of my favorite topics is working remotely. I work from home, coffee shops, or on the road and don’t have an office nearby. It is a part of my work life that I enjoy. I wrote about the science behind the benefits of working remotely, my personal tips on how to be successful, and how to make work friends from afar. Clearly, I love this topic!

I always love days that I can work from a cute coffee shop! Working remotely is a fun topic for me.

One of my favorite articles written by Katina is about the hottest trends in work-life balance research. One amazing benefit of starting Workr Beeing is the personal continuous learning. I love learning from Katina’s experiences and research, as well as having a reason to dive into the published research myself. This article was particularly interesting to me because it felt so relevant. All of the ‘trendy’ issues are ones I think about all the time!

Social Media and Conferences

This year was full of learnings for us. We’ve been learning to use and grow our social media, have completed many trainings, and have attended several conferences. We even had our first media interview where we were featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Building the site itself was quite a journey for a pair of PhDs with ZERO website experience (thank you, WordPress!)

The world of social media has been particularly fun and challenging. While we both had some personal social media presence, we never focused on it from a professional sense. We read articles and guides, took online trainings, and even attended a Create & Cultivate Conference to help us continue to grow in this area. We definitely feel more equipped to handle social media today than we did a year ago but we still have a lot to learn! (If you have tips for us, let us know!)

We also attended a number of academic conferences. We wrote recaps of each of our experiences at the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference and Katina’s trip to the Academy of Management Conference. As I mentioned earlier, the continuous learning associated with running Workr Beeing is personally fulfilling. We hope you are also able to learn from our experiences and exposure to new research!

I just love this excited picture after recording the podcast trailer! We are still so excited about our show!


Our podcast launch was probably the most exciting part of our year! It was a lot of work but continues to bring us so much joy. We were lucky to partner with our fabulous producer, Ali, to help us get up and running. We’ve published 9 episodes so far with 2 minisodes and continue to release new episodes weekly. Katina and I have discussed topics from millennials to breaks to answering your calling. Subscribe to keep hearing more!

What’s Next?

Katina and I are working through so many ideas for the future of Workr Beeing. We are working on our own research to help fill some of the gaps in the research today. We are also constantly thinking of ideas on what else we can provide to help you and your organizations be the happiest and healthiest! As you know, our mission is to help provide scientifically-based content and resources to help make your work-life better. We know there are so many other things we can be doing to help that. Katina and I are working to prioritize our ideas and create a strong plan for Workr Beeing’s future!

Pssst…Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for an exciting announcement of the launch of one of our newest ideas!

Your Thoughts!

Now, we’d love to hear from you! As we enter into our second year, what did you love and what do you want to see change? What were your favorite Workr Beeing articles so far? What topics do you wish we would cover? What was your favorite podcast episode? And what else do you want to see Workr Beeing provide to help your wellness at work? Let us know! We are excited to continue this journey and love to hear your thoughts!

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