Workr Beeing Retreat Recap: Part 2

We are excited to share the second half of our retreat with you!

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As you may already know, Katina and I spent some time in San Antonio to prepare for the launch of Workr Beeing. You can read the first part of my recap here. I’ll share the rest of our retreat in this post!

Day 2

After a fabulous Day 1 of our retreat weekend, Katina and I headed to Pearl, an old brewery that has turned into a cute area full of shops and restaurants. We were pleasantly surprised with all of our options in this area and how vibrant the community was. We started our morning with breakfast at Cured where we shared some charcuterie and enjoyed the Cured Breakfast. We would highly recommend this spot for their fresh, homemade charcuterie. It was a delicious and energizing way to start our morning!

Definitely try the chicken liver mousse and the whipped pork butter!

Following brunch, Katina and I went next door to a nice cafe called Local Coffee. It was time for us to get to work! We spent the next several hours writing posts. Having finalized our list of initial posts the day before, we were able to take time on Day 2 to actually write and bounce ideas off of each other. It was nice to have each other there to discuss tone and how we should approach our posts. We are definitely still learning a lot about how to craft the perfect post but we got a good healthy start while there. All the posts we worked on that day have already been posted. We hope you enjoyed them! When we needed a break from our post writing, we spent a bit of time creating our social media presence. We decided on our first post to tease the blog’s launch. It definitely made it feel real when we created those first social media posts!

Since we had been sitting for a while, we decided to take a stroll around the area – explore the shops and stretch our legs. We found a lot of cute shopping and additional fun restaurants and bars that we didn’t have time to try! We especially loved Hotel Emma for it’s beautiful and unique architecture.

We just loved this setting!

Following our stroll, Katina and I really felt we deserved a wine break. Again, it’s all about balance! 😉 We stopped at High Street Wine for a couple glasses of wine and some cheese. It was a nice break from the computer screen but we definitely did not stop brainstorming or discussing Workr Beeing. We were so excited about everything that we couldn’t stop talking about it.

We decided we still had some work left in us so we headed over to Bakery Lorraine for another hour and a half of work and a macaron. We continued editing our posts and our pages on the site to make them look their best. We noticed differences between android, iOS, and desktop and worked to figure out the best way to structure our posts for all devices.

We stayed at Bakery Lorraine until they closed and then headed to Southerleigh for dinner. We grabbed a couple drinks waiting for our table and then enjoyed a nice evening on their patio. We tried to disconnect from work and talked more about what’s going on with us personally. It was such a nice way to end our second day in San Antonio.

Katina and I have pretty different wine preferences! Any guesses which glass is mine?

Day 3

We had a few hours in the morning before having to head to the airport. We had allotted the time in the morning to work through the trademarking process. We worked together to complete the application and are still playing the waiting game today! We did not fully realize the length of time associated with attaining a trademark!

Once completing that application, we decided to grab breakfast. We landed on La Panaderia based on the huge line waiting for it. It was a very smart move. The food was fantastic and we really enjoyed trying something new. We tried 2 different tortas and had 2 different conchas. It was both of our first time trying conchas. We have definitely been missing out. I would highly recommend everyone try this Mexican pastry if you haven’t already. I’m sure I can find it in L.A. too so if anyone has recommendations for places, let me know!

I’m drooling just looking at the signage

Following breakfast, we sadly had to head to the airport. Our 1st ever Workr Beeing Retreat was coming to an end. While we had accomplished so much and were feeling very excited, we knew we would still have a lot of work to do. We were almost ready to launch, which was just the beginning of our new venture.

Now that we’ve launched, we are excited to share our knowledge, research, and experience with you and hope you will pass it on to others if you enjoy the content. We are hoping to grow our following and continue to build out our offerings. We have so many ideas and cannot wait to share them with you. Stay tuned for lots of exciting new things in the next few months! Thank you for joining our hive! We hope to hear from you soon!

Until then, cheers to Workr Beeing!

I’ll give you a hint on the wine preferences… I took this picture.

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